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With the upcoming renovations of the Old Library/Josiah Smith Tavern coupled with the reality of declining show sales in recent years, WACA is facing a transition. After a good deal of discussion and thought, the Board is recommending that we fold WACA into the newly forming Weston Art and Innovation Center (WAIC) as a special interest group.

WAIC will be operated as a branch of the Weston Public Library in the Old Library, both upstairs and down. The Media Center will be a tenant in 1/2 of the downstairs. Half of the downstairs will be the "wet WAIC."  ( The Old Library is next to the Barn, where we hold our shows.) Details still need to be worked out as to how exactly this merger will work, but we believe that the mission of WAIC will be consistent with that of WACA and we are hoping that WACA members will be able to take advantage of the opportunities that WAIC should provide.

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About WACA

The Weston Arts and Crafts Association (WACA) is a charitable organization which was founded in 1960. Its purpose is to promote appreciation of, and to encourage participation in, arts and crafts in the community.

WACA welcomes all artists and craftspeople, professional and amateur, as well as those interested in supporting the organization. WACA currently hosts three main events each year: The Spring Awards Show, Art on the Green, and the Holiday Show. Our newsletter keeps members informed about news, activities, and show information. Our membership directory lists all current members.

Dues are payable annually on a calendar year basis. Individual membership is $30, Couples membership is $35 and Junior membership (under 18) is $20.